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  Freestyle skiing and snowboarding have rapidly grown over the years, pushing athletes to their limits and treating spectators to thrilling displays of skill and creativity. And in the world of winter sports, Buck Hill is emerging as a haven for aspiring athletes with its progressive freestyle ski and snowboard pipeline program. At Buck Hill, […]

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X-Team Wild Mountain 3/3/19 Results and Overall Results

Hey X-Team Athletes and Parents,   Posted below are the results from the Wild Mountain competition and the overall year results.  Unfortunately, they never sent the breakdowns of each run for each athlete.  These results only include what was presented during the award ceremony at Wild Mountain.     Click Here for Overall Results from […]

X-Team Championship Competition at Wild Mountain 3/3/19

X-Team Athletes and Parents,   Our championship event is this weekend at Wild Mountain.  They have asked that we do not bring crockpots for our potluck.  If you are looking to participate in the potluck please bring something for 10-15 people.  A Remind message from Coach Brooks will come a couple days before the event. […]

X-Team Trollhaugen Boarder/Skiercross 2/10/19

X-Team Athletes and Parents,   This weekend is our boarder/skiercross competition at Trollhaugen in Dresser, WI.  Registration will open at 8:00am and it will close at 9:15am.  They will not let you register after 9:15am!  Please give yourselves enough time to travel.  This event requires athletes to pay attention at the bottom of the course.  Coaches […]