Terms and Conditions

All lift tickets and season passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.  All requests for refund must submit an email to tickets@buckhill.com.  

If you're purchasing a Season Pass, the following steps are necessary to complete your order:

  1. A new photo is required each year. The pass holder will need to submit a photo online for their Season Pass card. It only takes a few minutes and then the pass card can be produced. We recommend posting a picture online to your account prior to the beginning of the season to avoid any possible delay. We will have a record of your purchase on file.  Please bring scannable copy of your receipt to the ticket office to redeem your pass.
  2. The Ticket Office will process all online orders had have your pass ready to redeem when you arrive (photo must have been posted to your account prior).
  3. If you're purchasing a Child's Season Pass, proof of age, such as a Birth Certificate, is required before we can produce the pass card. Please bring proof of age with you when you come in for a picture. You may also fax it to us at (952) 435-7511 or e-mail a copy to tickets@buckhill.com. If we've verified the child's age previously, we don't need to verify it again. 

Season Pass Rules & Regulations:

  1. You must have a valid area ticket each time you come to ski or snowboard at Buck Hill. Present your Season Pass card at the Ticket Office or Ski School Desk in order to receive your area ticket. Only one ticket will be issued to you per day. NO REPLACEMENT TICKETS WILL BE ISSUED FOR LOST OR STOLEN LIFT TICKETS.
  2. The pass holder must be present at the Point-of-Sale in order to receive their daily ticket. Tickets will only be issued to the pass holder.
  3. The area ticket issued is only valid for the pass holder whose name is printed on it. Any ticket that is being used by someone other than the pass holder is subject to revocation. Any pass holder who gives their ticket or season pass card to another person to use may have their pass suspended or revoked at the discretion of Management.
  4. If your Season Pass card is lost or stolen, call the Ticket Office immediately. A maximum of two (2) tickets will be issued to a pass holder who cannot present their pass. After 2 tickets have been issued, the pass holder will be required to purchase a replacement pass. The cost of a replacement pass is $20.00. No refunds will be given if the original pass is found. 
  5. Season Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable. 

Theft of Service and Trespassing Policy

Any skiers, snowboarders, or snow tubers who are caught knowingly at Buck Hill without a valid area ticket must pay for a current full-day area ticket and a $60 Service Charge. After paying for the ticket and Service Charge, the ticket will be destroyed and the guest will be instructed to leave the property for the day.  The offender’s name and information will be recorded and logged.  If a guest refuses to pay for a full day area ticket and $60 Service Charge, the Manager On-Call will notify the police and record a Theft of Service incident report and issue a Trespass Notice. 

When second offenders are caught, the police will be called immediately, and the offender will be filed with a Theft of Service charge. Second offenders are not allowed back at Buck Hill for one year and must follow police due process regarding the Theft of Service charges.


Customer Service:

Buck Hill Inc.
15400 Buck Hill Rd.
Burnsville, MN  55306

Please contact with questions at 952-435-7174 or via email at tickets@buckhill.com