Mavens | Buck Hill Women's Ski Club: Empowering Women on the Slopes

Discover the unique essence of the Buck Hill Mavens Women's Ski Club – a haven exclusively crafted for women passionate about skiing. Whether you're looking to refine your techniques, overcome the challenges of returning to skiing after a hiatus, or simply desire a supportive space to revel in the sport, the Mavens is the perfect community for you.

Tailored Skiing Sessions for Every Woman: Dive into our structured sessions that focus on individual growth. The initial hour zeroes in on a specific area, ensuring a steady skill enhancement. Following that, bask in an hour of directed free skiing, allowing you to apply your newly learned techniques while savoring the beauty of the Buck Hill slopes.

Ideal for Intermediate to Advanced Skiers: The Mavens caters to those who already possess the foundational skills of skiing. Participants should have the ability to execute turns and stops with confidence. Our sessions are tailored to cater to those positioned at an intermediate to advanced skiing level, ensuring that every Maven gets the most out of her time on the slopes. Looking to gain more skills before signing up for the Mavens Women's Ski Club?  Read more about Buck Hill Adult Ski Lessons HERE.

Experience Skiing in a Nurturing Atmosphere: At its core, the Mavens Women's Ski Club is about fostering a space where like-minded women can bond, learn, and evolve together. In our fun, friendly, and relaxed environment, you're not just skiing – you're building lifelong memories and friendships.

Unlock the world of skiing like never before. Join the Buck Hill Mavens and redefine your skiing journey, one slope at a time.



  • 120-Minute Lesson
  • Area Ticket for the duration of the lesson

Days & Times:

Tuesdays, January 2nd - February 27th, 2024
12:00 p.m.

Add-Ons Available:

  • Rental Equipment
  • All Day Area Ticket

Price: $42

Have questions about the Mavens Women's Ski Club?  Email us today!