X-Team Competition Sunday 27, 2019 @ Welch Village

Hey X-Team Parents and Athletes,

Our second competition is tomorrow at Welch Village.  Please make sure that you dress warm and arrive with enough time to register and practice.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to dress warm.  Athletes will spend time sitting or standing before their runs.  You need to dress warm enough to be comfortable outside.  This includes face masks and hand/toe warmers.  Some athletes don’t like wearing jackets, but tomorrow is a day where you need to wear a jacket to stay warm and safe.  See everyone tomorrow!

Now, a message from the Welch Village staff:

Hello All,

We are looking forward to hosting a competition at Welch Village this year!  Attached is an event schedule and course map. Please make sure your area has judges available for the competition.  A chairlift accessing Big Air on Fowl Play will open at 8:45am on Sunday, along with the tow rope for the Slopestyle course.

We do have two release requirements for all parent’s to sign this year on behalf of their son/daughter. I have provided links to the two waivers below – these can be signed electronically to expedite the registration process. These electronic forms will only be available online up until midnight on Friday, January 25th, so we appreciate you passing this along to your team’s as soon as you’re able. If parents do not sign an electronic version for their son/daughter, we will have paper copies that they can sign at the registration desk (parents or legal guardian will need to be present to sign if an electronic form is not completed).

Day Ticket Release

Competition Release

Click Here For Welch Village Schedule and Map