Rise – 1×1

Buck Hill Rise: Nurturing Young Ski Enthusiasts into Well-rounded Adults

Winter is more than just a season; it’s an opportunity. An opportunity for kids to stay active, meet like-minded peers, and learn life lessons that echo beyond the snowy slopes. At the forefront of this transformative winter experience is the “Rise Intro to Ski Racing Program” at Buck Hill.

The period between ages 6 to 9 is crucial in a child’s development. They are not just learning to ski but are absorbing lessons in perseverance, goal setting, and camaraderie. The Rise program isn’t merely about teaching them to ski; it’s about instilling in them the confidence to tackle life’s challenges.

Why Buck Hill Rise?

A Tailored Approach: Whether your child has skied before or is just starting, our program is designed to cater to their unique needs, ensuring they progress at their own pace.

Setting a Strong Foundation: With a blend of drills, gate training, and free skiing, we don’t just teach; we cultivate a love for the sport.

From Novice to Elite: This isn’t just a course; it’s a journey from the basics to the threshold of the elite Buck Hill Ski Race Team.

Guidance by the Experts: Our team of professional coaches is dedicated to bringing out the best in every child, ensuring they not only ski but also understand the spirit of the sport.

An Experience Like No Other: Over 11 weeks, watch your child evolve from a novice skier to a confident enthusiast, ready to take on the world, one slope at a time.

Staying active during winter is about more than just physical health. It’s about forming lasting friendships, setting and achieving goals, and learning the value of dedication. As kids whisk down the snowy slopes of Buck Hill, they’re not just skiing; they’re setting the trajectory for a future of success and resilience.

Spaces in the Rise program are limited to maintain our high standards and personal approach. So, secure a spot for your child today and let them embark on an adventure where dreams seamlessly blend with reality. Remember, at Buck Hill, we’re not just shaping skiers; we’re molding future leaders.