Rise – 1×1


Buck Hill Rise: Nurturing Young Ski Enthusiasts into Well-rounded Adults Winter is more than just a season; it’s an opportunity. An opportunity for kids to stay active, meet like-minded peers, and learn life lessons that echo beyond the snowy slopes. At the forefront of this transformative winter experience is the “Rise Intro to Ski Racing […]

Slalom Project 1×1

Loveland Slalom Project | June 11th – 15th

Loveland Slalom Project | Slalom Race Camp June 11th – 15th Join in and get the winning edge by training with a USSS Gold Certified Club, the Buck Hill Ski Racing Team during the Loveland Slalom Project from June 11th – June 15th! Led by some of North America’s best coaches you’ll get the attention […]

Chuck Stone SQ v2

50th Annual Chuck Stone Memorial Race

50th Annual Chuck Stone Memorial Race You’re going to witness history at this year’s 50th Annual Chuck Stone Memorial Race on Friday, December 23rd at Buck Hill! 1972 was the inaugural year of the Buck Hill Invitational which later became the Chuck Stone Memorial Race after Buck Hill’s Founder, Chuck Stone, passed in 1994. Chuck’s […]