First Practice!

Raise your hands if you are ready for the first practice!!!!!

Hello D-Team Families!  The first Saturday & Sunday practices start this weekend.  Saturday at 10:00 am & Sunday at 1:00 pm.  Those are the times that we START!  Please have your children ready to ski at least 10 minutes before the start time so that we can take roll call & organize the kids into their age groups.  If you are running late, please just check in with the ski school.  We will have a staff member on hand that can help your children find their group.

The weather looks incredible this weekend, staying in the low 30’s.  We recommend that everyone bring spare socks & dress in layers so that clothes can be added/extracted to accommodate all types of weather.

MOST IMPORTANT!  Please keep smiles handy!  First days are often confusing for new team members & can seem very overwhelming.  We have been doing this for many years & know that no matter how chaotic the start of practice might seem, our staff of extraordinary coaches will turn the madness into a fun factory before you know it.

Final Reminder that the D-Team sweatshirts orders are due by Sunday Dec 2.  Please fill out the order form & pay at the ski school.

Thank You!