Pipeline 1-1


Freestyle skiing and snowboarding have rapidly grown over the years, pushing athletes to their limits and treating spectators to thrilling displays of skill and creativity. And in the world of winter sports, Buck Hill is emerging as a haven for aspiring athletes with its progressive freestyle ski and snowboard pipeline program.

At Buck Hill, it’s not just about carving the slopes or mastering tricks. The resort has made it their mission to provide world-class training that is second to none, led by professional instructors and coaches. These dedicated experts help turn the cold snow into a hotbed of talent development.

The Buck Hill Progressive Freestyle Pipeline | From Novice to Pro

Buck Hill Ski and Snowboard Lessons | From first snow to flow

Here’s where the journey begins. Whether it’s your first time setting foot on the snow or you’re looking to refine your techniques, Buck Hill’s FAST Kids program, available for skiers as young as 3 and snowboarders from age 4, caters to all. The six-stage program focuses on everything from riding the chairlift safely to making those exhilarating first turns. It ensures that the foundational skills are rock solid before moving to the next level.



Buck Hill X-Team | Mastering freestyle terrain and fundamental skills

Terrain parks aren’t just for the pros. Once the basic fundamentals are in place, riders between the ages of 7 and 18 can dive into the exciting world of freestyle skiing and snowboarding with the X-Team. The program offers weekly practices, ensuring continuous growth and honing of skills. But what truly sets the X-Team apart are the intramural competitions, where riders can showcase their abilities and get a taste of friendly competition.



Buck Hill Freestyle Team | Elevate your game and dominate the snow

For those with a deeper passion and drive, the advanced competitive program awaits. This platform, suitable for skiers and snowboarders aged 7 to 18, is where athletes train with fervor multiple times a week. The goal? To be competition-ready for renowned platforms such as the regional USASA, national USSS, and international FIS freestyle competitions. Events here are top-tier, including rail jam, halfpipe, and slopestyle disciplines. Moreover, to ensure every athlete gets the best out of their training, the program incorporates preseason dry land training and in-season video analysis. And of course, when it’s game time, the coaches are right there, guiding their proteges at every competition.



The Buck Hill Advantage

The benefits of such a comprehensive program are manifold, with tailored training the pipeline structure ensures that every participant gets training tailored to their current skill level and ensures optimal growth and reduces the risk of injuries. By embedding competitions at various stages, participants are constantly honing their competitive edge, preparing them for bigger arenas.

In conclusion, the progressive freestyle ski and snowboard pipeline program at Buck Hill is not just another training course; it’s a journey from being a novice to standing tall amongst the pros. And with the expertise of professional instructors and the world-class infrastructure, there’s no better place for aspiring skiers and snowboarders to chase their snowy dreams.