Notes from Nate 1×1



As the temperatures drop and the first flakes of winter dance in the air, there’s palpable excitement in the heart of every winter enthusiast. For me, the anticipation builds as we gear up for that magical day—the day we light up the hill, kick off the snowmaking season, and welcome winter with open arms.

One of my favorite aspects of this time of year is the tradition of bringing my kids—Bodhi, Briar, and Noah—to witness the magic the first day we make snow. It’s a special “Visit Dad at Work Day,” and it feels like Neverland watching the magical moments of the resort come to life.

This season, mother nature has granted us a little more time than we typically hope for, which has been a blessing in disguise as our team has worked tirelessly putting the finishing touches on the new chairlift, the building at the top of the hill, as well as our new race ramp. Looking ahead, the nighttime temperatures appear to be cooperating, and we’re crossing our fingers that the daytime temps drop some and provide us the opportunity to make snow around the clock for a few days. It’s a dance with mother nature, and unfortunately, she’s the lead.

However, it’s essential to recognize the hard work and dedication of our outdoor operations crew as well as our owner. The energy and time they’ve invested in bringing these projects to life are immeasurable. Their commitment to making our resort the best it can be doesn’t go unnoticed, and it’s their passion that truly sets the stage for the upcoming season.

As we eagerly await the official opening, we’re filled with gratitude for the opportunity to enhance the ski and snowboard experience for our visitors. The snowmaking preparations are not just about transforming the slopes; they’re about creating core memories, fostering family traditions, and sharing the joy of winter sports with everyone who walks through our doors.

So, here’s to the thrill of the first snowflakes to hit the hill, the highway signs saying “caution snowmaking in progress” letting the world know that ski/snowboard season is right around the corner, and the shared excitement that binds us all together.

I know everyone wants to know when can they expect our grand opening? To open, we need a considerable amount of snow and time to groom that snow. Based on the 10-day forecast, it’s a challenge to know how much snow we will be able to make. Rest assured that we are working as hard as we can to get open. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time, and we can’t wait to welcome everyone back to Buck Hill.

– Nate Birr | COO