D-Team First Race Weekend! Jan 12 & 13


Hello D-Team Families!

This weekend marks the first race for both Saturday & Sunday Teams.  Saturday D-Team will race at Powder Ridge on Jan 12th & Sunday D-Team will race at Trollhaugen on Jan 13th.  This is an exciting & sometimes overwhelming event, but don’t worry we will get you through it with both emotional & organizational tools listed below:

Night Before:

  1. Double check that your racer has all of their equipment ready especially their race bib!  A roll of duct tape comes in handy to secure race numbers to the Buck Hill Bibs.  Don’t worry if something is forgotten, check in with a coach & we will help you find a solution.
  2. Check the weather, but pack extra clothing for any unexpected systems including rain, sun (sun block, eye protection), snow or high wind.

Morning Of:

  1.  Arrive early!  It is often tricky to secure a parking space or lunch table.  We also want extra time for the kids to get ready so that they don’t feel rushed.
  2. Pick up your racer’s number & secure it to their race bib with provided safety pins or preferably duct tape to keep it from flapping.
  3. Check the schedule & find out where & when the racers should meet their coaches for course inspection.  Please arrive early at the meeting point. (Schedule for Powder Ridge is attached below.  Will update with Trollhaugen’s when we receive it)
  4. Find your child’s course – maps will be provided for the location of your racer’s course.  Walk or ski your child to the course if you aren’t certain they know where it is located.

During Event:

  1.  Expect the Unexpected:  I have been a racer my whole life & I don’t recall a single race that ran exactly on schedule.  Please relax & enjoy the ride.  In the end, the kids will race, times will be recorded & fun will be had by all!
  2. Find a buddy family:  If you are attending your first race, buddy up to a family that has a few years under their belt.  They will help answer any questions & show you the ropes, (which sometimes includes the bar location!)
  3. Help the Coaches:  Race day is very busy for us coaches…..we do our best to help every racer navigate this big day.  It is extremely helpful when parents assist in keeping kids near the race start when they are needed, help run coats to the bottom of the course on cold days & even help slip the race course.  If you are interested & able, please introduce yourself to a coach & ask how you can help.
  4. HAVE FUN!  This is intended to be a Fun, Safe environment for our racers to learn & grow into this amazing sport.  I guarantee that there will be some mishaps that cause tears & frustration, but it is up to us as parents to keep our kids focused on the fun.

After Event:

  1.  There will be an awards ceremony where ribbons will be presented for some of the top racers.  It is not required for you to stay for this event, but it can be fun.  If you leave, the ribbons & results will be available at Buck the following weekend.

Thank You!  Please check back to blog again before the race day just in case there is updated information.  Also see the VRBO link below to a lovely rental property near Wild Mountain & Trollhaugen.  Feel free to check it out if you are interested.



Updated – Race Day Schedule 1-12-19