Giant Slalom Project 1×1

Loveland Giant Slalom Project | GS Race Camp June 4th – 8th

You can get more GS course time under the direct supervision of the Buck Hill Ski Racing Team’s world class coaches at the Loveland Giant Slalom Project giant slalom race camp June 4th – 8th!

Training with one of the most well established USSS Certified Gold Club allows you to gain insights found nowhere else! The Loveland Giant Slalom Project will focus on building skills and fundamentals while free skiing and in full length GS courses in a high-volume environment! Racers will work in small focused training groups of similar age. The training project’s outcome centers at the GS rise line and you will have a better understanding of active and dynamic movements in transitions specific to GS and have a great ability to ski over varied terrain in a GS course. The Loveland Giant Slalom Project is a camp you’ll definitely want to participate in to level up your skills for the coming season.

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Coaches: Teagan Olin, Matt Hoffman, additional pace coaches as needed
Discipline: Giant Slalom
Coaches Flight: June 4th Departure = 4:10pm (SW #3040) | June 8th Return = 3:40pm (SW #527)
Team Lodging: Team Travel Lodging @ VRBO homes in Georgetown
Team Travel: YOB 2010 and older
Daily Training Plan: June 5th – June 8th | 3-4 hour blocks depending on weather and snow conditions | Light Dryland Daily | Video Review
Price Team Travel: $1400.00
Price Non-Team Travel: $1100.00

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Team Travel
Team travel is available for YOB 2010 and older. Younger athletes must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Team travel pricing includes coaching, lodging, lane fees, breakfast, lunch, lift passes, transportation to and from the airport. Team travel athletes will go to dinner as a group and payment responsible by the athlete. Team lodging will be located at VRBO homes in Georgetown. Tuning facilities will be set up at VRBO homes. Everyone is responsible for purchasing and booking their flight on the team travel designated flight schedule.

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Day Camp Athletes (non-team travel)
Day camp athletes will travel, lodge, and eat with their parents (or other parents) and ski, train, and watch video with the team. Day camp athletes and parents are welcome to lodge where the team is at The Vintage Hotel.

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Cancellation Policy
Buck Hill Ski Team reserves the right to cancel this camp at any time prior to the first day on snow due to poor conditions, low participation, Winter Park restrictions, the State of Colorado travel restriction policies or any other safety or health concerns. Refunds for the total registration fee will be reimbursed at that time.