Daily Waiver Reminder: All adults and minors under the age of 18 are required to sign a daily ticket waiver, and rental waiver (if renting equipment). If you are a minor and your parent or legal guardian cannot be present, please have them complete the agreements in advance and submit upon arrival.

Skiing & Boarding on Neveplast

Buck Hill is proud to announce the opening of an artificial slope that will entertain the ski and snowboard enthusiast; extending the fun and enjoyment as well as the time to ski.

The dry slope is an innovative surface produced by the Italian company Neveplast.  Thanks to an extraordinary design work, Neveplast has created a synthetic surface with a similar gliding surface as snow.  Neveplast revolutionized the dry slope sector with a synthetic mat that simulates real snow conditions.  Novices can easily snow plow, enthusiasts can practice their favorite discipline at any time of day, and competitive athletes can train like they do on snow.

Our Season will begin on September 12th on Thursday evenings, and Saturday afternoons taking you right into the Snow Season!  We will hold camps during June and will take special event requests all Summer long!


Lift Ticket Rates

Weekday Evening: $14

Weekend: $22

Rental Rates

Ski Rental Package (Skis, Boots & Poles): $29

Skis Only: $21

Snowboarding Package: $29

Snowboard Only: $21

Helmet: $10

Neveplast FAQs & Important Information

Have questions about Neveplast or our ticket and rental rates? Call us at (952) 435-7174 or email us.