Lessons will be booked online prior to 48 hours of lesson start time.
No lessons will be booked within 48 hours.

Adaptive Lessons

Adaptive Ski lessons Buck Hill

Adaptive Lesson Details

Age:  7+

Times:  Offered as Private Lessons during open hours per instructor availability

  • During peak hours (such as weekends and holidays) indoor space in the SnowSports Center cannot be guaranteed.

Eligible Guests:

  • Can follow simple 1 step instructions
  • Will wear face coverings and comply with Buck Hill policies
  • Are responsible for self care or medication needs, or have a helper to assist them
  • Can be outside for the duration of the lesson, or are able to ambulate independently or with minimal assistance to a lodge area if needed.
  • May have a physical or cognitive disability
    • Including but not limited to visual impairment, hearing loss, paralysis, limb loss, brain injury, autism, sensory disorder, seizure disorder, anxiety
  • If sit-skiing:
    • Weigh 200lbs or less
    • Can transfer to a sit-ski without a mechanical lift
  • If standup skiing or snowboarding:
    • Can walk in snow at least 25 feet independently or with minimal assistance
    • Can get up after falling (with instruction) independently or with minimal assistance

Private adaptive lessons are tailored to your individual skill level and designed to advance your skiing or snowboarding skills. Our instructors are matched to each individual and are trained to use specialized teaching and equipment to help all our guests enjoy sliding on snow.

  • Complementary 1 hour area ticket for the duration of the lesson
  • Add-ons available:
    • All Day Area Ticket
    • Rental Equipment

Adaptive Lesson

$75 per lesson