Men’s & Women’s MTB Clinics

Men's and Women's Clinics

This clinic is designed for riders who want guidance in building confidence and skills to take their riding to the next level.  Participants will learn and practice skills in a safe, controlled environment from certified, experienced instructors with a passion for sharing knowledge and developing skills in others.

All participants need to complete a liability form and turn in on the first day of camp.

What you will learn/practice:

Bike Body Separation

How to do a Front Wheel Lift & Rear Wheel Lift

Speed Control – Braking and Shifting

Cornering Flat and Bermed Corners

Basic Bike Maintenance

What to bring:

Your functioning mountain bike with gears

Helmet (must be CPSC certified)

Hydration pack or water bottle on bike

Snack to be carried with you

Gloves and bike shorts are encouraged

Basic bike multi-tool & spare tube

All personal bikes must be inspected prior to camp and you will receive an email with instructions a few weeks prior to the start date.

Mountain biking at buck hill
Buck Hill MTB Trails
Mountain biking at buck hill