12 Things To Do While You Wait For Winter

1. Wax your skis.

2. Check the forecast - a 76 degree Fall day is another great chance to get some runs in on the Neveplast!

3. Read the Farmer's Almanac. It's essentially the horoscope of the meteorology world, but hey, desperate times...

4. Grab your season pass! Find a coat that brings out your eyes. You deserve it.

5. Wax your skis. Again.

6. Make your bi-weekly sacrifice to the Snow Gods.

7. Step outside. Go back in. Too warm out there.

8. Post a picture of snow on Facebook. Other people love to be reminded of snow in the summertime.

9. Wax your skis. A sixth coat ought to be plenty.

10. Practice your chairlift small talk.

11. Calibrate your thermometer. Hey, it's actually only 75 degrees out, and dropping!

12. Think Snow.


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